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Friends and Family

All of our cats are our friends first. We will always choose their health and well-being over fluffy little kittens. Even if we end up rehoming them. 

The Retirement Home

Unlike with humans, retirement for a cat happens much younger and for a myriad of reasons. Some of the cats just didn't meet our requirements for personality, size, health and psychology. And some cats, have bred enough and are ready to retire. Breeding is a cycle, and with cats it is a very fast paced and extremely high stress cycle. So, to ensure the mental and physical well-being, we retire them young.

black silver fluffy cat walking on top of fence


Black Silver Classic


3 Litters 

Retired 2024

Available: Contact Me


Black Smoke

2 Litters

Retired 2024

black smoke cat outside backlight by sun
black torbie cat laying on fur rug


1 Litter

Retiring 2024


Black Classic with White

1 Litter

Retired 2024

black and white tabby cat laying on white fur rug
black tabby cat staring at camera intently.


1 litter

Rehoming 2024