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Litter Announcement, white cat and tortoiseshell cats

That 70's Show Litter

Embark on a stellar journey with a kitten from WiseGuy Maine Coons’ exclusive Next Generation Litter. Each kitten in this special litter is named after the iconic characters of the That 70's Show series, promising a companion as unique and fun as the names they bear. This litter features a black and red tabby kittens. With hearty and tested temperaments and immune systems, even at this early age. All three of these babies are fighters.

Kitten Photos and Assessments

Below you will find a photo of each kitten and a temperament assessment completed by a professional behavioral specialist. 

Photo's and assessments updated weekly.

Your New WiseGuy Maine Coon: Ready for a Healthy Start

Before joining your family, each kitten will have undergone spaying or neutering. They’ll arrive with vaccinations appropriate for their age, a clean bill of health from our vet, which will include proof of negative FeLV/FIV tests, We also include an airline approved soft sided carrier, along with a WiseGuy cloth tote bag which will include toys, a sample of their food and litter as well as their documentation and a welcome letter. We register our cats with TICA and CFA, but we will only send documentation from TICA unless otherwise specified.

For those interested in breeding or showing, please discuss this with us in advance. This will be reflected in the terms and pricing to accommodate these special rights.

Welcome to our cattery, where excellence meets elegance. Our kittens, each a small marvel, will be ready for reservations in a few weeks. We take pride in nurturing them to meet and often exceed TICA standards, ensuring they not only capture your heart but also embody the pinnacle of feline beauty. If you have any questions about these guys, please don't hesitate to ask. Just because they say on hold, doesn't mean we won't entertain offers.

July 6th: We are running out of time to make our decisions about these guys. Well, not really since I will always have the choice until they go to their new homes anyway. For now I still plan to keep and monitor Red and Kitty. Jackie however was a bit of a surprise.

Red Silver or Smoke kitten polydactyl

Red Silver (Smoke?) - Polydactyl


This is named for Red Foreman. He is fearless, outgoing and amazingly dominant. He even pushes the big males around as if he were 30 feet tall. He has grown into the master of the house. He adores the drives to coffee and exploring everything he can. He will be a handful, even for an experienced cat wrangler.

DOB: 16 April 2024

Go Home: Early August 2024

Price: Sold

Black High Silver Classic


Named for Kitty Foreman. This was the only high silver in the litter. Kitty got very sick for a while, but is finally recovering. She has a coat like an angora rabbit. I've not had one this soft before. She is very sweet, and super attached to me likely because we fought so hard to keep her with us.

DOB: 16 April 2024

Go Home: Early August 2024

Price:  Reserved

high silver female kitten
black silver tabby female kitten 3 weeks

Black Silver Classic Tabby 


This black silver classic tabby is one silly little purr monster! She is super tough and confidant, she and her brother make me laugh on a regular basis. She is always the first one to greet me and follows me wherever I go in the nursery. She utterly loves to be held and loved on and seems to have no limit to the affection. She will be a super cuddly girl! 

DOB: 16 April 2024

Go Home: Early August 2024

Price:  $ 3000