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Red silver kitten sitting on womans shoulder

Embrace the Future with WiseGuy Maine Coons

At WiseGuy Maine Coons, we’re not just raising pedigree Maine Coon cats; we’re crafting the next generation of companionship. Our current litters are a testament to our breeding philosophy—healthy, happy, and ready to bring joy to your home. 

Below you will find the litters which currently have available kittens. Each litter has their own page, so pick the litter you are most interested in and see what we have available. Please note, we require an application and a video call where we introduce you to the babies before accepting any deposits.

DOB:  13 Feb 2024 - SOLD

Can Go Home: Now

DOB: 16 April 2024 - 2 Available

Can Go Home: Early August 2024

DOB: 3 May 2024 - 5 Available

Can Go Home: Mid/Late August 2024

DOB: 4 June 2024 - 4 Kittens

Can Go Home: To Be Determined

There will be no more litters available in 2024. All of our girls and boys have been retired except for Nora. They are now our beloved family pets. If you are interested in one of our retirees, feel free to contact us. I can't promise anything, but we will listen.

Barney X Quinn

That 70s Show Litter

DOB: 16 April 2024

Go Home Date: Early August 2024

This litter has had a very rocky start. But we managed to save three of them and they are thriving and growing like crazy. They are now in the nursery and learning to interact with older kittens. Please check back weekly to watch their development. 

A black silver male sitting on a fur rug next to a torbie female. Litter announcement.
silver male and black tabby female maine coon breeding announcement

Barney X Nora

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Litter

DOB: May 3rd, 2024

Go Home Date:   Mid to late August 2024

Momma had her babies. They are eating solid food now and are all doing well. This pairing threw seven black silver tabbies and a lone black smoke! And man, are these colors striking! You can find up to date photo's of them on their own page. Just click the button below.

Marshall X Robin

Cheers Litter

DOB: 4 June 2024

Go Home Date: Early Sept 2024

This litter is between our two largest cats. Robin and Marshall. Robin did it again. We have three black silver tabbies, two guaranteed smokes and one possible smoke.  These babies are huge! with super chubby faces that just makes me want to kiss them all day long.

A black silver male sitting on a fur rug next to a torbie female. Litter announcement.

Past Litters

silver male and smoke female maine coon breeding announcement

Barney X Robin

Next Generation Litter

DOB: Feb 13, 2024

Go Home Date: All in their Forever Homes

This litter was filled with blue and black Tabbies and Smokes, and one Solid blue Boy. As of May 27th, there are only two left out of nine kittens. And if they take a while to go to their new homes, I am perfectly content with that since they are the sweetest cuddle bugs and I love watching them grow and develop. They will be spayed and neutered soon and ready to go home whenever they find that perfect home.